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Airtel 3G
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What's required to experience airteL 3G?
airtel 3G can be experienced with an airtel 3G connection on a 3G compatible handset or a USB modem in 3G covered areas.
How can I get an airtel 3G connection?
For getting an airtel 3G connection, you can contact your airtel account manager, visit an airtel 3G experience centre, visit your nearest airtel relationship centre (ARC) or contact an airtel franchisee/ retailer.
What kind of speeds should I expect from airtel 3G?
You will experience broadband speeds up to 21 mbps on HSPA devices.
On which factors does 3G speed depend?
Speed depends on handset in use, applications, coverage, network traffic and number of users using the service at that point of time.
Is it possible to get 3G services on my existing number?
Yes, you can get airtel 3G on your existing airtel number.
Will 1 have to change my SIM to migrate to 3G?
No. Your existing airtel SIM can be used for3G.
Can I upgrade my 2G handset to 3G through some software upgrade?
No. You will need to buy 3G compatible handsets. Please contact us for exciting upgrade offers to 3G handsets.
How do I make 3G video calls to colleagues and business partners?
To begin with, you will be able to make 3G video calls only to your colleagues and partners in India. Provided they are in a 3G network, with a 3G subscription on a 3G handset.

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